nuMedia group is an award winning communications and technology group. Are you launching a new project, investigating new technologies and approaches or are in the midst of a ‘problem situation’ – our strategic thinking and technical expertise can help. We are particularly interested in the challenges that corporations and organizations face in an ever increasingly connected world.

nuMedia group provides intelligent and cost-effective solutions for your marketing and communications needs. Do you have a particular problem or challenge? We invite you to challenge us!

nuMediagroup works more along the lines of a film company than traditional New Media design and production houses. Teams are assembled on a project by project basis. We have deployed teams as small as two or three to as large as fifty highly talented and experienced specialists.

The talent pool is diverse and includes: information architects, interface designers, network architects, core programmers, database engineers, graphic and animation artists, filmmakers, musicians and composers, sound engineers, writers, researchers, marketing and communications specialists, analysts and project managers. We even have two rocket scientists on the team, just in case.