Since the late ’90’s nuMedia has been involved in pioneering work in the field of Social Enterprise. Social Enterprise (SE) is a for profit venture run by a non-profit society.There is no shareholder distribution.

Social Enterprises follow the triple bottom line philosophy.

1. Make a profit.
2. Be environmentally proactive.
3. Fulfill your social mandate.

Fully one percent of all registered businesses in the United Kingdom are Social Enterprises. They contribute $40CDN billion per annum to the UK economy and employ almost a half a million people. Although Canada lags far behind the US and the UK this sector is growing. The Salvation Army Thrift Shops are a good example of a thriving social enterprise that is profitable, environmentally responsible and provides many exellent community services.

We are strong proponents of the SE movement and belive that there are tremendous possibilities for charities and non-profits to partner with corporations and companies to build relationships that are both profitable and socially responsible.

nuMedia provides consulting, technology and communication services to non-profits looking to incubate or grow their social enterprise and to corporations seeking valuable partnerships that can be formed using this economic model to further both their connection to the community and to build good will in the marketplace as a responsible and proactive corporate citizen.