The pandemic has changed how we work…

Computing over the last decade had been migrating towards open and collaborative networking products and services but no one could have predicted how much things would change due to the pandemic.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc. have become an integral part of the way things are now done. With the end of the pandemic in sight and as in-person meetings resume the reality is that virtual meetings are here to stay and will play an important role in how companies and organizations go about conducting their business and workflow.

One executive put it very well when she wrote that:

“We have increased the cadence of communication with the team…”

This is a valuable lesson and one that will play out in unexpected ways as we return normal. Can we ‘Build Back Better’ in terms of how we work and how we work together? I think the power of the team will become a driving force as we go forward.

The ‘Network’ is no longer just a computer network but an emergent social phenomenon that is effecting the way we work and interact.