Collaborative Technologies

Computing is migrating towards open and collaborative networking products and services. As the wired world interconnects more and more powerful Internet based ‘collaborative tools’ are coming online. These web based products/services (often referred to as ‘Application Services’) are at the same time user friendly, robust and intelligent.

Social Media, Social Interaction, Blogs and blogging, Wikis, Webinars, OpenSource, CRM, EMS, CMF, KM, RFID, VOIP, WiFi, etc., etc. We are awash in acronyms and new technologies that are built around collaboration. These technologies are causing new and exciting challenges and opportunities in business, industry and government. New communication models are emerging as a result of these collaborative technologies. The ‘Network’ is no longer just a computer network but an emengent social phenomenon that is effecting the way we work.

Learning curves can be very steep, depending on the application, but the rewards are being touted as revolutionary. A perfect example is the co-browsing capabilities being deployed by libraries. One can log onto the library, ask a question and one out of thousands of Librarians who are online ‘picks up the request’ and engages the questioner in a chat and co-browsing session. The Librarian can send web pages and other content directly onto the user’s browser. It is the combination of expert human knowledege and a new technological approach that is powerful.

Communication portals that are user driven are changing the communications landscape. Governments, industry and NGO’s are all begining to deploy ‘user directed’ ‘database controlled’ communication portals as part of their daily operations. Add a knowledge management component that connects the ‘knowledge possesor’ with the ‘knowledge seeker’ and you have closed the loop.

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