Launch online grants

Government funding available to put your BC business online…

Launch Online Grant Program (up to $7500 grant – grant covers 75% of cost))
The B.C. government has invested 42 million to help BC-businesses move their business online.

nuMedia can help – Please call Joseph 778-835-5801 or email

Work with us to come up with innovative solutions to build your brand and tell your story.

By 2024 e-commerce will surpass 6 trillion dollars and account for one in every five dollars .

e-commerce growth

Internet Marketing: Here’s how we can help…

  • Create or expand/improve your e-commerce store front
  • Improve communications with clients and prospective customers
  • Work with us to create a compelling animated or video ‘elevator pitch’ to tell your story.
  • Develop crowdfunding strategies to launch new products/services
  • Develop a social media strategy.
  • Create custom games to build your audience.
  • Develop custom mobile and smartphone apps.
  • Deploy location based applications to deliver your message over cellular networks.
  • Improve your search engine ranking and take advantage of our custom Adwords campaigns.