Open Source

Open Source Software is often confused with free. In Open Source free does not mean free as in free beer or free lunch. Think free as in free defines it as: “Any software whose code is available for users to look at and modify freely. Linux is the best-known example; others include Apache, the dominant software for servers that dish out corporate web pages.”

Open Source Software is making inroads into industry and government at a geometrically accellerating pace. It is an unprecedented phenomenon. Microsoft’s new licensing strategies have forced many large Fortune 500 companies to look elsewhere for their infrastructure solutions and many have chosen Open Source. Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun and even Microsoft all deploy and or sell solutions based Open Source software. It is even reaching into the desktop market.

nuMedia is an Open Source Solutions provider and we know the space. We can deliver solutions and as importantly – support them.

A combination of our automated network administration tools combined with the suitable collaborative technologies can save your company anywhere from 25% to 60% of your IT budget. Many of these new automated tools are so simple that a ten year old could operate the network. (Quick someone find me a ten year old!)

Do you have an Open Source policy? Would you like to learn more of how you can use Open Source software to save your organization money? Please contact us for a free consultation.

Joseph MacLean